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🌷🎉 Welcome to Sweatshop Social's Spring Dance Calendar! 🎉🌷

As the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, it's the perfect time to dance your way into spring with Sweatshop Social! Our Spring Calendar is packed with exciting opportunities to learn, groove, and connect with fellow dance enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to polish your skills or step onto the dance floor for the first time, we've got something for everyone. Check out our lineup for Mondays and special Fusion Social Dance events!

Mondays (April 8 - May 13)

6-7 PM: Intermediate Ballroom

  • Dive deeper into the elegant world of ballroom dancing with our Intermediate Ballroom class. Ideal for those with some dancing experience looking to refine their technique and learn new routines. 💃🕺

7-8 PM: Social Dancing 101

  • A beginner's paradise! Learn the basics of Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dancing in a fun and social setting. Perfect for those new to the dance floor. No partner? No problem! 🎶👫

8-9 PM: Fusion Swing Dance

  • Explore the dynamic and exciting world of Fusion Swing Dance. This class is a blend of various swing styles tailored to modern music, making each lesson a unique adventure. 🎷🎸

Fusion Social Dance Nights

Friday, April 12th and 26th, 7-10 PM

  • Join us for our Fusion Social Dance Nights – an exhilarating mix of music, dance, and socializing! These events are a fantastic way to practice your moves, meet new people, and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere. All levels are welcome to this dance party extravaganza! 🎈🎉

Location & More Info

All classes and events take place at:

Little Red Church, 2182 Comox Ave, Comox BC

For inquiries or to register, reach out to us at:


📞 250-702-3599

Let's make this spring unforgettable with rhythm, movement, and joy. Lace up your dancing shoes and join us at Sweatshop Social for a season filled with dance and delight! 💖🌸

Lessons & Events

🌟✨ Elevate Your Dance Skills with Intermediate Ballroom Workshops at Sweatshop Social! ✨🌟

Dive into the elegance of American-style Foxtrot, the grace of the Waltz, and the fiery passion of the Tango with our Intermediate Ballroom Workshops. Designed for dancers with a basic understanding of ballroom dancing, these workshops are your opportunity to refine your skills and bring sophistication to your dance moves.

👫 Partner or Solo, You're Set to Dance!

Bringing a partner is ideal, but not necessary. Our workshops are inclusive, making them a fantastic way to connect with others and share in the dance experience, regardless of your dancing arrangement.

📅 Workshop Details:

  • Duration: 6 weeks (April 8 - May 13)

  • Schedule: Mondays, 6-7 PM

  • Location: Little Red Church, 2182 Comox Ave, Comox BC

  • Cost: $10 per session (Cash or E-Transfer)

Sweatshop Social is about more than just dance steps; it's about joy, community, and experiencing the beauty of dance together. Whether you're aiming to perfect your technique or just looking for fun and friendship, our workshops are your next step to dance excellence.

💌 Contact Us

For more information or to register, email or call 250-702-3599.

Don't let this chance to shine on the dance floor pass you by. Join us for unforgettable Monday evenings filled with rhythm, elegance, and the magic of ballroom dance. 💫

🎶🕺💃 Step into Social Dancing 101 with Sweatshop Social! 💃🕺🎶

Ready to explore Ballroom, Latin, and Swing dancing? Join our 6-week beginner's guide, Social Dancing 101, and master the basics of dancing in a social setting. This journey covers connection, patterns, and floor etiquette, making you dance-floor ready for any event!

No partner? No problem! Solo dancers are welcome, and it’s a great chance to meet new friends in our rotating dance community.

🌟 Why Social Dancing 101?

  • Duration: 6 weeks (April 8 - May 13)

  • Time: Mondays, 7-8 PM

  • Location: Little Red Church, 2182 Comox Ave, Comox BC

  • Fee: $10/session (Cash or E-Transfer)

Experience more than just dance lessons; it's about joy, friendships, and unforgettable moments in a relaxed atmosphere.

💌 Join Us!

For questions or to register, email or call 250-702-3599. Don’t miss this opportunity to add rhythm to your Mondays with laughter, learning, and dancing. Your social dancing journey begins now. We can't wait to dance with you! 💫

Rythm N Shoes (2).png

🎉💃🕺 Swing Into Fun with Rhythm N' Shoes at Sweatshop Social! 🕺💃🎉

Join us for Rhythm N' Shoes Infused Fusion Swing Lessons, your vibrant introduction to the exhilarating world of Swing dance! Open to all, from beginners to dance floor veterans, this course offers an exciting dive into Swing Hustle, West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing, and the classic Lindy Hop, set to modern beats.

👫👬👭 No Partner? No Problem!

Whether you’re flying solo or bringing a friend, our welcoming community is the perfect place to connect and rotate partners. It’s all about the joy of dance and making new friends along the way!

📅 Event Details:

  • Duration: 6 Weeks (April 8th - May 13th)

  • Time: Mondays, 8-9 PM

  • Location: Little Red Church, 2182 Comox Ave, Comox BC

  • Fee: $10 per person, drop-in

At Sweatshop Social, we believe in fun, accessible dance lessons that leave you with a smile and new moves. Regardless of your experience level, we're here to ensure a fantastic dancing journey.

💌 Get In Touch!

For more details or to register, email us at or call 250-702-3599.

Prepare for a Monday night filled with rhythm, shoes, and unforgettable swing! Let’s make every step a memory. 🌈🎉

✨🎶🌟 Join us at Sweatshop Social for Fusion Social Dance Nights! 🌟🎶✨


Dive into an unforgettable evening of Blues Fusion dancing on April 12th and 26th from 7-10 PM. Whether you're a dance novice or a seasoned mover, experience a journey of emotion and connection with every step.

Set in the soulful ambiance of the Little Red Church at 2182 Comox Ave, Comox BC, our dance nights offer a unique blend of emotive Blues and the freedom of Fusion dancing, all for a sliding scale cost of $10-15.

🌺 Feel the warmth and creativity as you become part of our vibrant, inclusive community. No matter your skill level, let the music inspire you to express yourself in new, exciting ways.

📅 Save the dates: April 12th & 26th, 7-10 PM

📍 Location: Little Red Church, 2182 Comox Ave, Comox BC

📧 Contact us at or call 250-702-3599 for more info.

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with amazing people, explore the depths of Blues Fusion, and create lasting memories. See you there! 💖✨


Elegant Dancers


Private Solo/Couple

Sweatshop Social is the place to be for all your dance needs. Whether you’re looking to take up a new hobby, brush up on your moves for a special occasion, or just want to have some fun, Sweatshop Social has something for everyone.

Our classes are tailored to fit your particular needs and skill level and are taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We offer partner dance lessons as well as solo coaching sessions. We also specialize in wedding dance instruction, so you can make sure you’re ready to show off the moves on your big day. Stop by Sweatshop Social and let us show you a great time


Group workshops

Classes for large groups and corporate events, so you can get everyone up and dancing together. Our classes are designed to get everyone in the same rhythm and have a great time. With our Sweatshop Social classes, it's never been easier to get lots of people up and grooving. 10-100 guests. 


Special Events

Our dance lessons service provides professional instruction for all types of special events including weddings, birthdays, festivals, private parties, and corporate events. Our experienced instructors will tailor the lessons to best suit your needs and make your special event a memorable one. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help add an extra spark to your event

disco ball


Sweatshop Social dance lessons offer a fun and innovative way to learn a variety of social dances. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, these lessons provide an uplifting way to get moving while learning the latest dance moves. We offer techniques from American style Ballroom, Latin and Swing dances, mixed with musicality and style from all other forms of dancing. These are partner dancing skills that will get you moving together to music. Sweatshop lessons aim to modernize social dance styles of the past with today's popular music that youth are enjoying. Evolving music styles can also mean the evolution of dance styles. The vision of Sweatshop is to deliver professional lessons designed to motivate students to pursue these skills in a fun and friendly way, while allowing space for self-expression and personal flair to breed new ideas into the classic social dance styles of the world. The lesson formats are flexible and tailored to any individual or group wanting to learn. Sweatshop is always looking to collaborate with other creators to host programs and events. As long as there is music, we dance.


Jason Kirsch has been teaching social dancing in the Comox Valley for two decades. Jason created Sweatshop Social with a goal to progressively enhance social dance culture by integrating ballroom, Latin and swing styles with popular modern music and culture. He believes connection through dance will help create culture in the community. Have fun working up a sweat while polishing your favourite dance moves.

Instructor teaching a large group of men to dance
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